Scroll down to see our pricing; but before you do, we would like to share a couple of things about us first. Let’s face it, it stinks and can be harmful to you and the environment. Waste left in your yard by your dog contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous. Not only will it kill your grass and make it turn yellow but if it gets into the water supply it can seriously degrade our water quality. Also, there are many harmful parasites that are transmitted through animal waste. These include roundworm, tapeworm, giardia, and many more. With regularly scheduled cleanings, you will be able to enjoy a clean yard and be worry-free all year long! Call today to get rid of the flies, the stink, and the POO!

  • Tools sanitized after each house
  • Uniformed and animal-loving staff
  • A door hanger will be left after each visit
  • No contracts, cancel at any time for any reason
  • Always professional and reliable service; the best in the area!

Why we don’t want to be the cheapest service and why you shouldn’t want to hire the cheapest service.

When it comes down to service, cheaper isn’t the best way to go. Here’s why, often times when you go cheap it means that the quality of work you expect is cheap as well. This directly relates to the type of worker you can hire and how much they are compensated for what they do.

The POO Crew
Cheap Competitor
We pay our employees more so they are more alert and attentive to their surroundings. This means fewer missed piles of poo and closed gates every time! You tend to get a better quality worker for a higher wage.
Focused on being the cheapest price so when it comes to paying their employees they have to find the cheapest labor they can find. Often times the quality of work you get for the cheapest rate is not the best…
We offer our guys dental insurance, 401k and higher wages. All of which makes our workers happy to work for us and want to do a great job for both the customer and the company.
Most of their workers are independent contractors or part-time workers that do not get any company benefits from being a full-time employee. What makes them have any loyalty or want to do a good job for the company or the customer?
We provide our own company trucks for our employees to use.
Some companies make their employees work out of their personal “cars” sticking a pizza sign on top of their vehicles with their logo on it.
By paying our employees a higher wage it eliminates employee turnover thus reducing missed service days.
Higher turnover rate resulting in missed scoop days where your yard sits full of waste.

Flat Rate Monthly Pricing

1X per week
2X per week
1X every other week


Avg. $12.69/cleanup


Avg. $9.46/cleanup


Avg. $20.30/cleanup



Avg. $15.46/cleanup


Avg. $11.19/cleanup


Avg. $25.38/cleanup



Avg. $18.46/cleanup


Avg. $13.26/cleanup


Avg. $30.92/cleanup



Avg. $21.92/cleanup


Avg. $16.15/cleanup

Not Recommended

Additional fees will be assessed for large dogs, yards, debris or breeders (ex. wood chippings, rocks, etc.).

Initial/One-time cleaning: $40 per 5-gallon bucket, after the first bucket each bucket thereafter is prorated at $10 per ¼ bucket. For extra small dogs, the rate will be based on the amount of time spent in your yard. If requested, a courtesy call is given after 2 buckets of an initial clean. Also, if your yard does not require an initial cleaning then we will count your first visit as a normal cleaning.

We also offer lawn deodorizing spray! Call today to get your yard smelling good again!
$11 per application*

Safely eliminates odors instantly and is safe for use on grass, plants, shrubs, patios, patio furniture, kennels, dog runs, swing sets, fences, block walls or any other surface where odor exists due to pets.
*One application includes 1 gallon of spray and usually covers up to 500 square feet.

What makes us different from our competitors?

  • FLAT-RATE MONTHLY PRICING, unlike other pooper scoopers in the area that bill by the week. This means your bill will not fluctuate from month to month.
  • You can set us up on auto-pay through your bank because you know what your rate will be ongoing.
  • To compare our rate with a weekly rate, take our Flat Rate times 12 months then divide it out by 52 weeks in the year!
  • Everyone that works for The POO Crew are our employees, there are no independent contractors!
  • All POO Crew employees are insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance. (This is a benefit to you because if another company hires independent contractors then they expect them to carry their own insurance if they don’t and your dog bites them then it could go against your homeowner’s insurance policy!)
  • All vehicles driven by The POO Crew are ours, we do not make employees scoop dog poop out of their personal vehicle!
  • We are local to the community, this means that all of your dollars are being reinvested into our own local economy.
  • From using oxo-biodegradable bags to waste recycling, the poo crew is doing its best to minimize its carbon footprint.
The Poo Crew is proudly a veteran owned business